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Driving from Maine to California

Maine to Cooperstown

So updating a Blog takes time and sometimes things are out of order. But I’m in Niagara Falls right now and not driving the Woodie today so here’s another catch-up blog.

Here’s a picture of the 4 cars that were shipped from California and we’re all driving back. All totally different routes. What a hoot!

All going from Ogunquit, ME to California
And here’s the pinup version

Right after this picture was taken, Kim & I were off to Cooperstown!

We really focused on staying on smaller roads…

After driving through a few rainstorms we entered New York.
At one point we were briefly on a dirt road as we came into Cooperstown from the back…

Welcome to Canada!

A pretty easy trip from Cooperstown to Niagara Falls, Ontario. The roads have sported beautiful scenery and easy driving.

We drove through several rain storms, but eventually the skies cleared.
A trip outside California is a vacation from high gas prices. These are nice prices!

After about 4 1/2 hours, we arrived at Rainbow Bridge and the border. {CAPTION}

Our good friends from Toronto, Hart and Rayanne arrived at the hotel about 1/2 hour before. We are easy walking distance to the falls and Hart took this picture for us. Today the real tours!

Final Day in Ogunquit, ME

Sonny put together another awesome cruise for us today. Luckily, we wound up with a 1/2 day to plan our trip to Cooperstown tomorrow!

Catching Up

We are having so much fun the only updates to the blog are those I email in.  But lots more has happened.  During the cruise the other day, we stopped at MotorLand in Arundel, Maine.  Great vintage cars on display and some for sale.  They expected 50-75 and I think double that showed up for lunch.  When I mentioned to the owner that I needed a stop light switch he offered to have it delivered to the shop and installed.  Great guys!

The cruise was amazing. What an introduction to the beauty of Maine. I cannot believe it has taken me this long to visit this area of the country.

The cars lined up for the cruise

Unbelievable day in Ogunquit

We started with a quick breakfast followed by a short drive to Wells, Maine, for the Woodies in the Cove (see previous post). After the awards there, the host club (Sonny Perkins) had arranged for a parade of cars with a police escort! Even with a bit of rain during the parade, the streets were lined with appreciative folks waving and cheering us on. We concluded the parade with a loop around Perkins Cove.

We met up back at the hotel with our new friends John and Lori (1934 Ford Woodie) and had drinks and shared some fun stories.

The day was capped with a lobster dinner at Lobster in the Rough followed by an auction. The best quote of the day came from this auction as Bill Sampson was doing his best to close the sale at the highest price: Do I have thirty dollars? Do I have thirty dollars? I have thirty dollars in the rear!

Soon to be ex-president, Bill Sampson, auctioning of the beautiful Woodie quilt

Woodies in the Cove

Great time here in Wells, Maine. Awesome weather. And I did some upfront investigation and found there was a laundromat across the street from the show so the laundry is done!

Cruise day! Curriers Horseless Carriage Co.

Terrific hosts for the Woodie cruise. {CAPTION}


We made it to Ogunquit!

We attended a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park our last night in Boston. We left during the 6th inning because of an incoming storm. We got back to the hotel just as the rain started to come down. In sheets. For hours. The game was suspended in the 10th inning in a 4-4 tie. Glad we left. The car was parked outside so the valet staff could watch it. I was relieved when I opened it up this morning and my efforts to waterproof the car had paid off. It wasn’t dry, but it wasn’t the disaster I had before.

I was terrified of driving out of downtown Boston. It turns out to have been no big deal. Got on the freeway in just a couple of minutes. We were in Ogunquit 90 minutes later.

We got to open road and I set the cruise control. Several minutes later I tried to disengage it by tapping the brakes. Nothing… just kept cruising. I realized that I must have no brake lights. Sure enough, a little diagnosing at the hotel has revealed a bad stop light switch. At home, I could get this switch from 4 different places 10 minutes from house. In Ogunquit, it will be a 1 hour round trip to a store that carries them! We aren’t in California any more! {CAPTION}

The Woodie is in BOSTON!!

Woodie is here and in good condition. We have another full day of sightseeing before heading north to Ogunquit.

On the way!

After waiting and agonizing for another week, the new shipper turned up today. I am much happier with these guys; a) they took the car and b) they seemed to really know what they were doing. Nice guys. Still, my stomach was in knots. First we put the car on top. That didn’t quite leave enough room for another car. So off it came and they backed it on the lower ramp! The air suspension helped. Without it, I’m not sure the car would have been low enough to be on the bottom.

Should be about 18,000 when I’m back home.
This was nerve wracking enough. Backing it in about killed me!
Here she is all tucked in and ready to go. There’s a bucket T behind the Woodie.

Assuming all goes well, I will have my baby back in my arms in less than a week.

False Start

A couple of days ago I got the call scheduling the pickup. Everything is ready. The car is packed, gas about half full (why buy expensive California gas?) and the car is completely serviced. Scheduled pick up was noon today. First thing this morning I made sure the tire pressures were correct. Finally the truck showed up! Right away he sees the car, mentions how nice it is and then said he was expecting a car instead of a Wagon. He said multiple times “we should be good”. When we went out to his truck he said he “should get more money for this” and asked how much I paid. Everything fell apart. He negotiated with Montway Auto Transportation then came over and said he was leaving. I sure hope Montway can find a replacement to meet my time schedule! I mean, I booked this like 2 months ago!

I’m talking to the shipping Broker after the trucker said he wanted more money.