Las Vegas was as hot as the forecast. Fortunately, the Woodie’s A/C worked well enough. My IR gun was reading 50 degrees at the outlet. The trip from Cedar City to Vegas was only 2 1/2 hours, giving Kim plenty of alone time with her beloved slots. I had noticed the car sounded funny when starting. Specifically, it had that ’57 “Chivee” sound with the starter. Sure enough, the starter was loose. But when I went to tighten it, I realized the fix wouldn’t be so easy. In fact, the starter has a clocking mechanism that allows you to rotate the starter to any position to clear any obstacles. The screws locking the position are actually on the inside of the starter. So we just hoped the car would start 3 more times. Once at the hotel, once to get gas and once in Barstow. It did, we’re home and the starter has been fixed and the screws secured with Loctite.

I will have a few more posts to summarize the states, the drivers and the changing terrain. Stay tuned.

Cajon Summit, 3,777 ft. Almost home.
Casa Morford, about 100 ft!