A few days ago, Kim and I noticed that it was getting more and more difficult to accelerate after stopping. I knew this symptom was a result of my Throttle Position Sensor linkage over centering. The TPS is used to tell my transmission how much throttle I’m giving the engine and the computer will adjust the shift points and firmness accordingly.
Sure enough, the TPS had slipped a little. I rotated it up and set the linkage to bring the sensor up and stop the over center problem. Now all that was needed was to recalibrate the TPS for its new mechanical position. It’s an easy task and I had the manual with me. You just access the transmission display and start the calibration. Takes about 30 seconds. Unless the display is totally black, which was my case.
So with my adjustments, the transmission thinks I’m giving the engine more gas than I am. It shifts later and firmer. I called the computer manufacturer and determined that the display is not needed for the transmission to work properly. I just have to live with the more aggressive shifting until I can get the display fixed.