A couple of days ago I got the call scheduling the pickup. Everything is ready. The car is packed, gas about half full (why buy expensive California gas?) and the car is completely serviced. Scheduled pick up was noon today. First thing this morning I made sure the tire pressures were correct. Finally the truck showed up! Right away he sees the car, mentions how nice it is and then said he was expecting a car instead of a Wagon. He said multiple times “we should be good”. When we went out to his truck he said he “should get more money for this” and asked how much I paid. Everything fell apart. He negotiated with Montway Auto Transportation then came over and said he was leaving. I sure hope Montway can find a replacement to meet my time schedule! I mean, I booked this like 2 months ago!

I’m talking to the shipping Broker after the trucker said he wanted more money.