We drove from Gettysburg to Roanoke on Sunday to meet with Kim’s Uncle Ralph and aunt Paulette. They are incredibly gracious and giving hosts. By staying two days in Roanoke, I was able to get the A/C serviced and it’s currently working!! We also were able to visit the D-Day memorial in Bedford, VA. To understand why it’s there, read up on the Bedford Boys.

Today we travelled to Ashland, KY, where Kim’s family is from. On the way we stopped for lunch.

Apparently, Bob Evans is a thing out here!

About this time I took a peak at where the other 3 California Woodie cars were. Here’s the map.

Here’s some pictures from a small May / Hern reunion that Ralph arranged. This was at Golden Corral. My new favorite place in the whole world.

These are Kim’s people! So nice and welcoming!