After a great stay in Gallatin, MO we headed west toward southern Nebraska, stopping in the little town of Concordia, Kansas. We like to drive 4-5 hours a day and Concordia did the trick for us. In the morning we made the quick trip to my mom’s home town of Lebanon, NE and spent the night in the big city of McCook. I had taken mom back to where she was born in 2003 and knew where everything was. I got to visit a bit with my mom’s dad, Elwin Devoe. Elwin was working on the farm when mom wasn’t yet two. He scratched his finger on a fence. Today, we would put some Neosporin and a band-aid on the wound and call it a day. But there were no antibiotics in 1924. He was sick for months before going to the Mayo Clinic where he died. He is buried in Lebanon. As are his parents and a slew of other relatives. So we stopped by to say hi and cruise the dying husk of Lebanon.

The little cemetery is remarkably well maintained. It was being mowed when we were there. A small kiosk had been built with maps to every grave.
This is the Grimes’ Gas Station. For some reason, after mom’s family moved to California, they moved her house behind the station.
And this is mom’s old house. Remarkably, it’s in almost the same shape I saw it in in 2003. At the very far right is my car in the gas station.